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What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

The counselling process is one in which you have an opportunity for a private face-to-face discussion with a concerned, highly skilled counsellor for the purpose of resolving your situation.

Your counsellor will be an active participant in this problem-solving process, asking questions, making suggestions, and helping you to perceive the situation in a different light. Counselling is an active process, intended to be short-term/long term, and specifically directed towards resolving the problems that brought you to counselling.

There are times in life when we all experience problem with living which we don't seem able to handle on our own. Whether it is a marital problem or a child having difficulty in school, a troubled adolescent, or a situation of substance abuse, spending a few hours with professional counsellor can be immensely helpful. The earlier you seek help for a problem, the better chance you have to resolve it.

Psychotherapy is similar to counselling as they are both confidential services within oral, ethical and legal limits. This involves using active listening and prompting skills. Psychotherapy and counselling are both based on talking and the respectful and trusting relationship that builds up between the client and therapist.

The aim is to help and support the client to develop an insight into their problems/issues. The client is encouraged to approach life in fresh way by drawing on their own resources of which they may be unaware.

In psychotherapy, the process can be applied to more deep-seated personal issues and this tends to go deeper than counselling. Here the client is encouraged to examine aspects of their past including childhood and their relationships with parents and significant others.

This exploration helps the client to become aware of the patterns in their life that have become unconscious and negative habits. This enables these issues to be understood and to start the process of changing them. Some of these issues may be quite complex and require longer-term therapy.

Concerned about your health, your level of motivation, a traumatic time in your life, your work or career, your sexuality or anything which is becoming a problem?

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Who is Counselling
and Psychotherapy for?

Feeling stressed or lonely?
Obsessive or compulsive behaviour?
Wonder who you are, where you are going?
Need to rescue or be rescued by others?
Ever hurt yourself, thought about it or thought about hurting others?
Difficulties coming to terms with a bereavement or loss of another kind?
Unhappy, isolated, agitated, anxious or frightened?
Carrying a burden of guilt or shame?
A general lack of contentment?
Relationships becoming difficult and/or uncomfortable?
Need more than 1 or 2 drinks or other substances to get you through the day?
Thought about ending it all?
Want to develop personal growth?
Sometimes get anger out of proportion, become overly passive or suffer from depression or low moods?

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